Does The Neville Center have a smoking policy?

The Neville Center is a non-smoking facility.

Is The Neville Center bicycle friendly?

Yes, the Neville Center is bike friendly. There is a bike rack near our front door.

My loved one is in the hospital, what steps should I take to transition him/her to Neville Center?

The best place to start is with your loved one’s case manager (also known as a social worker or care coordinator) at the hospital. The case manager can provide you with information about the Neville Center and the services offered here. If the Neville Center is your facility of choice, the case manager will contact our Admissions Department to initiate the process of admitting your loved one to the Neville Center.

What is rehab/rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation, or rehab, at the Neville Center consists of physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Nurses are available to attend to medical issues ranging from managing feeding tubes to administering medications. The goal of rehabilitation at the Neville Center is to work with patients to achieve the highest level of independent function possible. A wide variety of techniques are employed to address specific needs.

What is the difference between long term care and short term rehabilitation?

The Neville Center can accommodate both long term care and short term rehabilitation stays. The main difference between the two is that Medicare and private insurance can cover a short term rehabilitation stay, but not long term care. In rare cases, when a patient completes their rehabilitation at Neville Center, it is determined that they are not able to return to their home. At this point if the patient decides to stay at Neville Center (or transfers to any other facility) the stay would be considered long term. There are two ways to pay for long term care: privately (out-of-pocket) and Medicaid/MassHealth.

Who pays for my rehabilitation stay?

Your Medicare or private insurance will cover your room and board, nursing, and rehabilitation at The Neville Center after a qualifying hospital stay. If you have specific questions about how your insurance will pay for rehabilitation, we encourage you to call us and ask to speak to the Business Office.

For additional information regarding payment for care please see the Medicare website:

How many residents can the Neville Center accomodate?


Neville Center has 112 beds that span three floors.

Are pets permitted?

Yes! Visitors are encouraged to bring pets in for a visit.

Does the Neville Center have a Hair Salon?

Yes! We have a full-service beauty salon at the Neville Center, open one day every week.

What are the visiting hours at Neville Center?

Though we do not enforce specific visiting hours, we suggest that you visit your loved one between the hours of 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. out of respect for the other patients recovering here.

Who owns Neville Center?

Neville Center is a non-profit facility. We are managed by Landmark Management Solutions.