Dining Services

Our Dining Services offer tasty and nutritious meals that will satisfy you and take your medical condition into consideration. Upon admission, our Nutrition team will create a personalized nutrition plan. To this end, we offer an extensive menu which will adhere to any specific medical, religious, cultural, or allergy concerns. You may also order off our a-la-carte menu any time the kitchen is open, and your loved ones may enjoy a complimentary guest meal when they visit you at the Neville Center.

Our Spacious Rooms

Each of the resident rooms at the Neville Center feature a scenic view of the Fresh Pond reservation grounds. Our spacious, semi-private rooms include privacy curtains, half bathrooms (with a bathing room on each floor), bedside and bathroom call bells, flat screen television with the option for wireless headphones, complimentary cable, phone, and high-speed wi-fi, complimentary in-house laundry, bedside table with locking drawer for your belongings, and spacious wardrobe. The standard hospital beds our residents sleep on are customizable, too—featuring three kinds of mattresses that will ensure you a restful night’s sleep.

In-House Beauty Salon, etc.

The Neville Center is also proud to offer its residents access to an in-house beauty salon, complimentary massages and manicures, ADA approved, handicapped accessible flower and vegetable gardens, and access to an extensive library of books and movies for entertainment.